Per S Digre, Family Tree

Per Sigurd (1968), Marianne (1971) and Ellen Irene (1982)

Index of family pictures (this page takes a long time to download). 

Other possibly connecting family trees (All related back to Singsaas)

1840 Peder Digre, widowed by 1875  (Singsaas), occupied Ihlevolden 52 Trondheim

1682 Ola Jonsen Digre (Dead in South Fjeseth) 


Connecting Family trees:

Annbjørg Holmberg (1948-)


Rebekka Hildre Holmberg (19.10.1913 - 30.01.1978)


Nicoline Othilie Kinberg (1870-1934)

Collection of old pictures related to Kinberg family. Some unidentified.


Anna Christine Dahl (1823-1901)


Brynhild Paulsøn Stavlund (1770-1830)


Karen Jonsøn Almaudaune (1761-1838)


Elin Andrea Stavlund (1684-1765)